In the place where everything bloomsSeason: all year!

The state of Michoacán is located on the Pacific side of Mexico. The second largest city in the state is Uruapan, which comes from the Purépecha dialect Uruapani that means "the flowering and fruiting of a plant at the same time," and has been translated as "place where everything flourishes." Uruapan is regarded as the Avocado Capital of the World; it is surrounded by villages and orchards that harvest the fruit; such as Condembaro is just 30.41 miles away from Uruapan and 15 minutes from Tancítaro, the authentic avocado capital of the world.

The creamy texture and delicious taste makes our Hass Avocados unique and distinguish themselves from the competition. We implemented the strictest procedures in all our processes, from harvesting, packaging and delivery. Let us serve you wholesale avocado, we handle different sizes of avocados and see for yourself that our customer service is the best on the market. Indulge your customers and enjoy with your own palate the best quality Hass Avocado the world can give: Aguacates Seleccionados JBR.

Important Characteristics

Avocados from Aguacates JBR are always in season. The only place in the world where avocado trees naturally bloom four times a year. The combination of ideal climate, rich volcanic soul and generations of expert cultivation produces a consistent quality, flavor, size and texture That's been perfected to be distinctly delicious.

¿Wich avocado is ripe?


Keep at room temperature 3-7 days; to speed the process, remove any stems and leave in the original carton or place in a paper bag.

Green with Dark Green Patches

As avocados ripen, they soften slightly and the skin begins to darken; continiue ripening for 2-3 days.

Ripe and ready

Ripe avocados will be soft when gnetly ressed; if not using immediately. Refrigerate for up to 3-5 days to preserve the fruit at its peak until ready.


Rich flavor and smooth texture, under a pebbly green skin that darkens to neraly black as the avocado ripens.

Squeeze the avocado gnetly in the palm of your hand; if it yields, it's ripe.

Keep firm avocados at room temperature until they are soften; once an avocado is ripe, refrigerate for up 3 days until ready to use.

To preserve an avocado's color ans freshness onde it's been opened or prepared, cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

2 Hass avocados (about 450g.) peeled and pitted =1 1/4 cups mashed or pureed =2 to 2 1/4 cups diced.

Avocados have nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, contain unsatured fats (the good kind) and have no cholesterol.