Our History

As orchard and family business, in the early 80’s we started with the production of avocado. Thanks to the knowledge and commitment that was made to continually grow professionally, the commercialization began in 1987.

In that same year we started sending fruit to the Estado de Mexico and within time and with our delicious avocado and excellent service we were standing out as the best. In this way, we gain recognition and expanded our customer base and market to other states of Mexico such as, Chihuahua, Puebla, Sonora, Morelos, Jalisco and Mexico City.

As a 100% Mexican company, it has always been our primary interest to help the community by creating new jobs. So we constantly seek new markets, day by day we continue to grow and create more jobs to contribute to the economic and social growth of our population.

Although we are a young company, we have had tremendous growth and acceptance in the international market due to our experience in the industry, the excellent quality of our fruit, the attention, and the professional and personal service that each customer needs. So thanks to them, we are committed to meeting all their needs in every aspect that is required.


Our mission is to produce a high quality product, fresh cultivated Hass Avocado, harvested and packed with the highest quality and innocuousness standards.

Always having as priority interest the health and well being of our friends, clients, and final consumer, the environment and the physical security, economic and social of all the members who make part of Aguacates Seleccionados JBR, S.A. de C.V.


To be the leader of Hass Avocado packinghouse companies in the world market, socially responsible, inventing and efficiency our economical resources, of infrastructure and human.

A company where being part of it represents family, economic and social security, at the same time contributing with our community with employment opportunities and social peace, without losing sight of our mission.